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    The scope of services


Accounting and other commercial registers
>  maintaining a tax card and Lump Sum Tax on Registered Incomes
>  maintaining tax revenue and expense ledgers
>  controlling completeness and up to dateness of the register of used accounting books and documentation of computer systems
>  CONSULTATIONS for accountants and businessmen in the field of accountancy politics
>  making financial statements in accordance to the Accountancy Act and MSSF
>  designing and making periodical reports for the purpose of management
>  designing and making periodical reports for the purpose of management in English language for a management board/owners of foreign businesses

Declarations and statements for Tax Authorities, ZUS, GUS
>  making all settlements, declarations that the entite is obliged to make

Human resources

>  human resources counseling in full scope
>  maintaining personal files and any employee settlements

Tax Counseling

Drafting expert opinions in the field of

>  taxes
>  accountancy provisions
>  finances
>  operating business activity

Conducting tax settlements

>  determining bases for taxation
>  making settlements and tax declarations

Conducting tax audits

>  a control of correctness of settlement of the entity for taxation in a given period of time
>  determining tax obligations of entities which start their activity

Personal earnings and taxes (domestic and overseas)


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